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This ranges from simple moving within the same building to large-scale relocation like factory or warehouse. This requires extensive planning and the right equipment, vehicles and manpower. Relocation services in Singapore have a huge toll far from internal ones like an office. Movers in Singapore often share professional efforts for mass initiatives but such responsibility takes an immense cost.


What is a storage space?

Have you ever get into a situation when you need to move out from your old house but the new one isn’t ready yet? It might be due to several factors such as unfinished construction, incomplete payment, or the need to simply vacate the previous house. If you are faced to such scenario, you probably had a problem on where to store your things temporarily. You might get them to your close relatives’ home for the mean time until the new house is ready for move in, but that will be kind of a huge burden for them. In that case, a storage space in Singapore can do you a lot of favour.

Storage space in Singapore is a temporary rental property that is exclusive for storage purposes. It can be as small as a room, a basement, and garage or even as big as a warehouse. In this type of facility, your things will be stored in good condition until the time you need to move them out.

There are many ways when you can use storage spaces in Singapore. Our example above is for residential purposes only. When it comes to businesses, storage spaces are more useful. A company needs storage spaces to stock their supplies in. They can also rent storage spaces for keeping important documents and files.

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What are the benefits of a storage space?

here are many benefits of renting a storage space whether for residential or commercial purposes. Here are some of them:

Storage space can help you organize your supplies

It’s easier to arrange your apartment when it’s available. Storage spaces in Singapore are very useful if you choose to store things in an organized way. As such, a storage space can help you get your things sorted before moving in or when still not in use. In business, organization and preparation are critical considerations for your day by day operations. A decent and secure storage facility is required to maintain critical files or items.


Renting a storage space is cheaper

If you do not have a huge facility to store your things, renting one is more convenient. Buying your own storage space which will not be used frequently is just a waste of money. In fact, maintaining a storage space also requires a good amount of funds.


Storage spaces can free your home and office from unused loads

Whether you’re moving to a smaller house or simply have too many things to bring with you, a storage space in Singapore can be very convenient. If you have a storage space, it will help you store your things before or even after moving out. Should you not wish to throw them away, you may leave your things in a storage space. Many of our belongings have sentimental value, yet sometimes we do not have the room to keep them in, this is where a storage space can be very useful.

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Storage space in Singapore may cost around SGD 50 at the very least or SGD 500 for large size storage space. It is best to inquire directly with your storage facility company for the exact price.

The size of a storage room depends on the number of items you need to store. You can get storage units for small storage needs. Likewise, you can also get a storage space as big as a warehouse in Singapore.

A storage unit is convenient when you need to store an important belonging but do not have the space to store it at home. A storage unit is properly managed to provide quality storage and ensure the safety of your things.

Living in a storage unit is not allowed by most local ordinances. Storage units are meant for storing things and will not be suitable for daily living.

When an owner who rented a storage unit dies, the immediate family must contact the storage company and provide proof that the owner wished his family to retrieve his belongings.

A storage unit can protect your precious belongings. It can also serve as a good way to keep things when your house is not big enough for storage vaults. Thus, a storage unit can be a good investment.

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Moving from houses and residential spaces shouldn’t be too stressful! Yi Yun Movers is a company consisting of professional house movers from Singapore that specialises in heavy load and furniture moving at a competitive price, so you don’t have to worry about our service integrity and costs!

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Ranging from simple internal moves within the same building to complex moving involving the relocation of an entire warehouse, we are equipped with expertise, experience and equipment to ensure a successful commercial move with minimal downtime to minimize disruptions to your business.

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Storage and Disposal

We offer flexible storage solutions at affordable rates to individuals or businesses requiring a secure facility to store their belongings or goods for their desired length of time. We also provide disposal services whereby we transport unwanted or spoilt furniture, machinery and other items on behalf of customers to the incineration plant for disposal.

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Other Moving Services

If you are looking for other services from our professional movers in Singapore, look no further than here! We also provide superb moving services such as packing and unpacking, dismantling and assembly services. Let us know if you will require special requests like individual item delivery, safebox, and piano moving, our professional moving associates will be more than happy to accommodate you.

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