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We understand the high demand for inexpensive storage space in Singapore. At Yi Yun Movers, we possess our own storage facilities, enabling us to offer secure and affordable storage solutions that can be customized to suit individual moving requirements and storage needs.

Cheap Storage Space Services in Singapore - Lock Icon Secure Storage Facility

Only authorized personnel are permitted to access our storage facilities, which are monitored 24/7 by security surveillance cameras and security personnel.

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We maintain high standards of cleanliness and order at our storage facilities. We also ensure your items are properly packed with the necessary protective materials before placing them in storage.

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Our storage solutions are fully customizable. Whether you require space to store the entire contents of your office for one month or just the furniture in one bedroom until your new place is ready, we have the perfect storage solution for you!

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Price of Storage = Storage Space Required x Length of Storage Duration

We believe storage space should be affordable for every single person or organization in need of extra space to store their belongings. Therefore, our storage solutions are priced at inexpensive rates based on the volume of your items and length of storage required.


Cheap Storage Space Services in Singapore - Storage

Yi Yun Movers are committed to providing our valued customers with the assurance of the safety and protection of their belongings without having to pay a premium price.


For enquiries or more information about our moving services, please place an enquiry at the enquiry box
below or better yet, call or drop us a text at 94466888 / 94466999!

Disposal Services

Fretting over how to get rid of unwanted bulky items taking up precious space in your home? Maybe your office is strewn with a thousand carton boxes and Styrofoam packaging as a result of a bulk purchase of new computers for your entire IT department.


Our disposal service consists of packing (if necessary) and moving the items to be disposed out of your property efficiently to proper waste disposal facilities.


Common items for Residential Disposal

Bulky furniture, home appliances and residential waste.


Common items for Commercial Disposal

Office furniture and fittings, documents, equipment and machinery.

Did you know that you could be fined for leaving unwanted furniture below your HDB block? Or that it is an offense to throw a broken TV set down the rubbish chute?


If you reside in a private housing estate, the service provided by the public waste collectors does not include disposing of bulky item(s) – that’s why that faulty washing machine you left a week ago at your gate is still right where you left it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for urgent requests, please contact 94466888 and we will make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible.

It is against the law to dispose bulky items anywhere in Singapore except at allocated disposal sites. Our disposal charges consist of the transporting of your disposal items to the allocated disposal sites as well as the cost charged to us by the disposal sites for the disposal of your items.