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    Yi Yun Movers is known as a reliable home relocation provider offering a secure yet affordable residential moving service for families and individuals in Singapore. House moving is a term coined by the local public for residential relocation. It is a process dreaded by many people for good reason. Without professional expertise and necessary resources ranging from transportation vehicles to moving equipment, house moving can indeed be an exhausting and costly affair.


    Although settling into your new home sounds exciting and connotes a start to a new chapter in your life, moving out can be tiring. The process of packing your belongings and securing every fragile item is time-consuming and difficult. Not to mention that using an ordinary vehicle to move your belongings might take several rounds and will not guarantee the safety of your items. The last thing you’ll want is to open your moving-out boxes with broken items. Therefore, trust only the qualified house movers in Singapore to help you move to your new home. Choose Yi Yun Movers for your house moving and let us secure your belongings while you move out.

    Find the Right Home Mover in Singapore for You

    “The moving company I hired got my luggage lost in transit.”


    Although rare, there are cases of lost or damaged items during a house move. Therefore, it goes without saying that shopping for a house moving company in Singapore is essential as you are trusting someone to safely transport your belongings to your new address and not let them disappear along the way.


    So, how do you find the right house moving service for you? There are some key factors to consider.

    Yi Yun Movers & Logistics is a reputable moving company that provides moving and logistics services for all types of residential properties in Singapore. We take pride in having professional expertise and the necessary resources to guarantee a safe and successful move.


    We have a wide range of transportation vehicles and moving equipment available at very reasonable costs.


    Want to know why more and more families are trusting Yi Yun Movers for their house moving task? The answer lies with the core values that we practise as residential movers. We want to make our clients comfortable and confident in their house by providing a safe moving out and moving in service. At Yi Yun Movers, we believe the key to smooth and efficient house moving lies in understanding the specific requirements of every individual customer. Start your brand new life in your new home through the help of our house movers. Trust Yi Yun Movers now!

    Free Onsite Assessment

    Along with our residential moving service, we offer free onsite evaluation. By conducting a non-obligatory onsite evaluation, our friendly moving consultants will be able to provide you with a better understanding of what will be needed during your move – whether it is the amount of boxes, bubble wraps, and other essentials.

    Accurate and Transparent Quotation

    At Yi Yun Movers, your trust is of utmost importance. Since you have placed your trust in us to assist with your house moving, we pledge to provide a transparent transaction in return. Quotation from us will include a thorough breakdown of the transport and storage needs with no additional fees of costs.

    Confirmation of Move

    Upon confirmation of the move, our house movers will arrange for carton boxes and OPP tape to be sent to you so that you can begin your packing. We guarantee that you will receive enough packing supplies to cover all your household items for your house moving.

    Why Choose Yi Yun Movers

    We at Yi Yun Movers are committed to assisting our clients with their house-moving process by providing excellent assistance and services as a recognised residential mover in Singapore. With the expertise and experience that we have gained from our previous clients, we are able to shape our residential moving services into what it is today – a trusted and reliable operation. From the start till the end of the whole process, we can assure you that it will be a seamless experience and your possessions will be well taken care of.

    We make it a lot easier for you. Learn how!

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    Ranging from simple internal moves within the same building to complex moving involving the relocation of an entire warehouse, we are equipped with expertise, experience and equipment to ensure a successful commercial move with minimal downtime to minimize disruptions to your business.

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    Storage and Disposal

    We offer flexible storage solutions at affordable rates to individuals or businesses requiring a secure facility to store their belongings or goods for their desired length of time. We also provide disposal services whereby we transport unwanted or spoilt furniture, machinery and other items on behalf of customers to the incineration plant for disposal.

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    Other Moving Services

    If you are looking for other services from our professional movers in Singapore, look no further than here! We also provide superb moving services such as packing and unpacking, dismantling and assembly services. Let us know if you will require special requests like individual item delivery, safebox, and piano moving, our professional moving associates will be more than happy to accommodate you.

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