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    Commercial moving refers to moving for businesses, with customers varying from small businesses to large corporations and government organisations. Commercial moves can range from simpler tasks such as moving bulky machinery to more complex jobs involving relocation of an entire office or warehouse. 


    With years of commercial moving experience, Yi Yun Movers possess the expertise and resources to ensure every commercial move is conducted swiftly and smoothly, minimising downtime and disruption to business operations. 


    Through careful coordination and efficient execution, our goal is to make commercial moving a well organised, hassle free experience for you and your business.

    Commercial Moving with Yi Yun Movers

    Like residential moving, relocating to a new office is also not something to be taken lightly. More often than not, moving to a different workplace is a business’s step to moving forward, expanding its value, and providing a better environment for its employees. It offers a wealth of benefits from better space optimisation, boosting morale, and improving performance.

    Yi Yun Commercial Moving Service

    Below are some of the top reasons why businesses are looking to switch to a new environment:

    • Your facilities are old
    • Your employees no longer fit
    • Your employees are unhappy
    • You are expanding
    • Your contract doesn’t allow remodelling

    Office moving can range from internal moves, which involve relocating within the same building, to large-scale transfers such as relocation to a different area. The latter often requires extensive planning but particularly, professional manpower, proper equipment, and transportation vehicles—all of which a professional office mover can provide.

    How to Ready Your Office for Moving

    While the idea of moving your business to a new location is exciting, what you should be focusing on first is the problem at hand: packing and preparing for the move. Discover some hacks to make the move fast and seamless.

    Let Go of the Unnecessary

    Will your couch have a place for the new office? Do you really have to take with you the cabinet that hasn’t been used for a year? Office moving can be a good opportunity to let go of the unnecessary items you have accumulated in the past.

    Get rid of the office clutter that will no longer have use in the new address—broken furniture, old equipment, and décor that will not fit its interior design. Discard those that are broken; sell or donate those that others may find useful.

    Create an Inventory List

    While sorting through your office items, make an inventory of what you want to take with you. List all the company assets, furniture, fixtures, and miscellaneous items that you will find useful in your new address. Make sure to keep a hard copy for records.

    By doing so, it will be more convenient for you to pack related items together in a box and label them for easier retrieval. It can also help you stay organised but more importantly, make it easier for you to unpack when you rearrange them in the new office.

    Hire a Professional Office Mover

    Because time is of the essence, you have to make sure that the relocation process will be executed successfully and without minimal disruption to your business operations.

    An office mover can help you plan, prepare, and execute your move to a new local. They also come equipped with the proper tools and equipment to protect your office furniture and property during the move.

    As a professional office mover in Singapore, Yi Yun Movers & Logistics specialises in providing customised moving and relocation services to guarantee a successful relocation but without causing too much disruption to your business.


    Yi Yun Movers specializes in offering our corporate clients with customized moving and storage solutions to ensure successful execution of the relocation process with minimal disruption to business operations.

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    Free Onsite Assessment

    By conducting a non-obligatory onsite survey of your office, retail shop or any other type of commercial space, our moving consultant will be able to properly assess your moving or storage requirements as well as provide professional expertise and advice.

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    Proposal of Moving Plan

    An electronic quotation with explicit details on specific move or storage requirements such as operating hours or multiple moving schedules will be sent to you. There are no hidden costs or charges.

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    Confirmation of Move

    Upon confirmation of move, we will work closely with your company personnel in charge to coordinate moving activities and schedule. We will also make arrangements to send carton boxes and OPP tape to your company so your staff can begin packing. See you on Moving Day!


    The cost of relocating depends on the duration of the moving process and the number of items you will need to move out. In typical situations, a 14 ft truck can handle the moving out process which will cost SGD 350 to SGD 600.

    When you are looking for a relocation package, you must opt for the one that offers protective equipment as well. Instead of buying boxes, fillers, bubble wrap, and plastic covers on your own, it will be convenient if the relocation package offers such items already.

    No, we do not reserve moving slots for customers who are unable to confirm their bookings. Customers are allocated slots in our moving schedule once we receive confirmation of their bookings on a first come, first served policy.

    Average relocation costs in Singapore ranges from SGD 350-600. The price varies depending on the number of items to be moved and the travel distance.

    The best way to relocate is to plan things ahead. It will lessen the travel time and hassles if you will prepare everything before the move-out.

    Relocation services are a moving service offered by moving companies to help people move their belongings from one place to another. It usually involves a contract containing the number of items to be moved, the destination, and the times the truck needs to travel back and forth.

    Storage space in Singapore may cost around SGD 50 at the very least or SGD 500 for large size storage space. It is best to inquire directly with your storage facility company for the exact price.

    The size of a storage room depends on the number of items you need to store. You can get storage units for small storage needs. Likewise, you can also get a storage space as big as a warehouse in Singapore.

    A storage unit is convenient when you need to store an important belonging but do not have the space to store it at home. A storage unit is properly managed to provide quality storage and ensure the safety of your things.

    Living in a storage unit is not allowed by most local law. Storage units are meant for storing things and will not be suitable for daily living.

    When an owner who rented a storage unit dies, the immediate family must contact the storage company and provide proof that the owner wishes his family to retrieve his belongings.

    A storage unit can protect your precious belongings. It can also serve as a good way to keep things when your house is not big enough for storage vaults. Thus, a storage unit can be a good investment.

    Contact us and see how you can start moving at a low cost!

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    Moving from houses and residential spaces shouldn’t be too stressful! Yi Yun Movers is a company consisting of professional house movers from Singapore that specialises in heavy load and furniture moving at a competitive price, so you don’t have to worry about our service integrity and costs!

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    Storage and Disposal

    We offer flexible storage solutions at affordable rates to individuals or businesses requiring a secure facility to store their belongings or goods for their desired length of time. We also provide disposal services whereby we transport unwanted or spoilt furniture, machinery and other items on behalf of customers to the incineration plant for disposal.

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    Other Moving Services

    If you are looking for other services from our professional movers in Singapore, look no further than here! We also provide superb moving services such as packing and unpacking, dismantling and assembly services. Let us know if you will require special requests like individual item delivery, safebox, and piano moving, our professional moving associates will be more than happy to accommodate you.

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