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Who do you call when you’re not feeling well? When a fire gets out of control? When the pipe burst open? When you have to report a burglary? Who do you contact when you need help moving?


It is human instinct to turn to specialists for some of the undertakings we could only dream of successfully accomplishing on our own. As much as we want to do things ourselves, we would always need professional help—doctors, firemen, plumbers, police, etc.—at some point or another.

As the saying goes, “every man to his trade.”


The same sentiments are true for professional house and office movers in Singapore. They have the skills, training, and expertise to guarantee a hassle-free moving. Hiring a moving company can also give you the assurance that you arrive at your destination on time without compromising service quality and industry standards.



House moving is a term coined by the local public for residential relocation. It is a process dreaded by many people for good reason. Without professional expertise and necessary resources ranging from transportation vehicles to moving equipment, house moving can indeed be exhausting and costly affairs.


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Commercial moving can range from simple internal moves which refers to relocation within the same building to large-scale moves such as factory or warehouse relocation. Such moves usually require extensive planning as well as adequate manpower, proper equipment and transportation vehicles.


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Storage & Disposal

We understand the high demand for inexpensive storage space in Singapore. At Yi Yun Movers, we possess our own storage facilities, enabling us to offer secure and affordable storage solutions that can be customized to suit individual moving requirements and storage needs.


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Other Moving Services

Our packing and moving crew will pack your items meticulously with the necessary protective materials such as newsprint or bubble wrap into carefully labelled carton boxes. No more worrying of breaking or damaging your precious belongings! You will also receive an inventory list of the items packed in each box.


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How it Works

Whether you are relocating into a new home or a new office, Yi Yun Movers is prepared with convenient moving services that take the hassle out of moving for you. Our licensed and trained moving specialists, along with our insurance contracts, can give you the peace of mind that your most valued possessions will arrive in their destination, safe and complete.


All you have to do is pack anything that fits into the boxes we will provide and leave the rest to us! On your moving day, our moving specialists will come over, wrap all your boxes, furniture, appliances and other large items in a protective wrapping—antiques, a pool table, piano, etc. We’ll also take care of all the lifting and moving required.

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The Cost of a Moving Service

While the idea of moving your business to a new location is exciting, what you should be focusing on first is the problem at hand: packing and preparing for the move. Discover some hacks to make the move fast and seamless.

Moving and relocating doesn’t come cheap. As earlier said, the cost is largely dependent on the size of the move and often, the destination. While moving services in Singapore have no fixed rate card, charges will often include the following services:

  • Packing Materials
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Transportation
  • Dismantling & Assembling
  • Disposal
  • Insurance Coverage; and
  • Applicable Taxes

In addition to that, some moving companies in Singapore may also charge you for the following situations:

  • If the movers had to take an alternate route due to unavoidable circumstances
  • If they need to use more movers to assist with the move or handling of furniture
  • If the furniture is too complex, taking too much time to dismantle and reassemble
  • If the move involves extra labour such as using the staircase several times.
  • The use of chargeable packing materials—bubble wraps, newspapers, corrugated paper, etc.

Our Rates

Yi Yun Movers & Logistics offers AFFORDABLE and TRANSPARENT moving rates in Singapore.

Upfront and Fair Pricing Policy—No Upselling, No Hidden Charges


Our moving service rates are charged on a per 15ft. lorry load basis. It means if you can fit all your belongings into the back of one 15ft. lorry, all you have to pay for is one load!

We provide a free, non-obligatory survey, conducted by our team of expert moving consultants, prior to moving. This is to guarantee our quotations are clear, accurate and transparent.


Door to Door Household Relocation


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Offices, Factories, Shops, Warehouses


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Warehouse Storage

Temporary Storing of Furniture & Goods


Lorry Load
Item Delivery

Individual Item Relocation

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All Our Moving Plans Always Include:

Free Onsite Quotation
Provision of 30 Carton Boxes/Load
Covered 15ft. Lorry
4 - 5 Manpower
Protective Wrapping of Bulky Items
Payment Upon Job Completion

Why Yi Yun Movers?

Professional Moving Crew

Our moving specialists boast years of training and working experience to deliver quality services to our clients. We place a strong emphasis on their skills and character traits such as integrity, efficiency, and trustworthiness.

Comprehensive Moving Fleet

Under our belt is a large fleet of moving vehicles to cater to all types of moving requirements. Our vehicles range from 10 ft. van to a 15 ft. covered truck with tail-gate. Whether it’s a large-scale office or residential moving, we got you covered.

Proper Tools & Equipment

On top of that, we also own a complete set of tools and moving equipment as well as quality protective materials to ensure the safety of your belongings while under our care. We also provide complimentary carton boxes prior to your move.

Storage Facilities

We also take pride in having our own storage space facilities in Singapore to offer you secure and affordable storage at affordable rates. Our storage solutions are customisable to match whatever your storage requirements are.

Choose to move with Yi Yun Movers

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