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Moving Services in Singapore

Who do you call when you’re not feeling well? When a fire gets out of control? When the pipe burst open? When you have to report a burglary? Who do you contact when you need help moving?


It is human instinct to turn to specialists for some of the undertakings we could only dream of successfully accomplishing on our own. As much as we want to do things ourselves, we would always need professional help—doctors, firemen, plumbers, police, etc.—at some point or another.

As the saying goes, “every man to his trade.”


The same sentiments are true for professional house and office movers in Singapore. They have the skills, training, and expertise to guarantee a hassle-free moving. Hiring a moving company can also give you the assurance that you arrive at your destination on time without compromising service quality and industry standards.



House moving is a term coined by the local public for residential relocation. It is a process dreaded by many people for good reason. Without professional expertise and necessary resources ranging from transportation vehicles to moving equipment, house moving can indeed be exhausting and costly affairs.


Commercial moving can range from simple internal moves which refers to relocation within the same building to large-scale moves such as factory or warehouse relocation. Such moves usually require extensive planning as well as adequate manpower, proper equipment and transportation vehicles.

Storage & Disposal

We understand the high demand for inexpensive storage space in Singapore. At Yi Yun Movers, we possess our own storage facilities, enabling us to offer secure and affordable storage solutions that can be customized to suit individual moving requirements and storage needs.

Other Moving Services

Our packing and moving crew will pack your items meticulously with the necessary protective materials such as newsprint or bubble wrap into carefully labelled carton boxes. No more worrying of breaking or damaging your precious belongings! You will also receive an inventory list of the items packed in each box.

Benefits of Hiring Office & Home Movers


Professional home and office movers are trained rigorously to ensure proper handling of your belongings throughout the relocation process. You can count on them to come equipped with the right tools and equipment to get the job done.


A case in point, there are times when furniture items have to be disassembled for the long haul and a reliable moving company has the right tools to do it safely and secure them while in transit—dollies, hoists, cables, harnesses, etc.


A typical problem people encounter when moving long distances is that items can get lost, broken, damaged, or misplaced while in transit. Professional movers will not only guarantee your possessions will arrive in their destination but safely and in good condition as well.


But, more than that, they will also provide a certain level of liability insurance, which will cover any sort of damage that can occur. Therefore, if you’re moving antiques, expensive artworks, pianos, or any other heavy, fragile items, it’s always better to hire a reliable house mover.


Moving everything by yourself may seem practical, but doing so can be physically exhausting, not to mention stressful. If you’re not careful, carrying heavy objects can get you injured and that’s probably the last thing you want to deal with when moving.


Hire a home mover and save yourself the trouble of getting yourself or a family member injured in the process. These professionals know what they’re doing and more than you probably do, they know how to move heavy items safely and without the risk of injury.


Without the proper tools and equipment, moving your furniture into your new address can take weeks, if not months. You will have to buy boxes, pack your stuff, and label each one for easier removal. Add it to the time it will take to load them in the truck or your car if you hadn’t rented one.


You see, a big move is not a one day job. But, it can be faster if you book a moving service. It can save you from multiple trips, thus saving you money, time, and energy to get your move done in the most time-efficient manner.


You don’t always realise how much space your clothes, personal items, appliances, and furniture can take. If you get moving on your own, it’s more likely that you’ll have to make multiple trips to get all your stuff into your new address, which more than being time-consuming, can be expensive as well.


Hiring a professional mover can guarantee that you have everything all packed up in a truck, saving you from the back and forth travel. You can also find a cheap moving company in Singapore to further the cost-saving potential of a professional move.

Value-Added Services

Free onsite assessment, accurate and transparent quotation, and fast confirmation of booking. Enjoy these value-added services when you hire a professional mover in Singapore.


More than professional assistance, you get a team of professional movers who are friendly, courteous, and willing to assist you throughout the moving process. They will not only carry your heavy items in and out of the truck but will also help you assemble the furniture if need be. As a customer, you get the peace of mind you deserve when relocating.

The Leading Moving Company in Singapore

Residential Moving with Yi Yun Movers

On any given day, many Singaporean families are moving into a new home—and for plenty of life-changing reasons:

  • moving in together
  • relocating for a new job
  • previous home is too big
  • previous home is too small
  • looking to live in a better neighborhood

Whatever the reason is, home moving can signal the start of a renewed life, giving someone a newfound motivation to pursue their dreams or live a better life. But, if you’re planning a move, you should know that it’s quite a difficult undertaking, considering the costs, risks, and inconvenience involved in the process.


The good news? It doesn’t have to be when there’s a professional moving company that can help you with your move.

Find the Right Home Mover in Singapore for You

“The moving company I hired got my luggage lost in transit.”


Although rare, there are cases of lost or damaged items during a house move. Therefore, it goes without saying that shopping for a house moving company in Singapore is essential as you are trusting someone to safely transport your belongings to your new address and not let them disappear along the way.

So, how do you find the right moving service company for you? There are some key factors to consider.

Yi Yun Movers & Logistics is a reputable moving company that provides moving and logistics services for all types of residential properties in Singapore. We take pride in having professional expertise and the necessary resources to guarantee a safe and successful move.


We have a wide range of transportation vehicles and moving equipment available at very reasonable costs.

Commercial Moving with Yi Yun Movers

Like residential moving, relocating to a new office is also not something to be taken lightly.


More often than not, moving to a different workplace is a business’s step to moving forward, expanding its value, and providing a better environment for its employees. It offers a wealth of benefits from better space optimisation, boosting morale, and improving performance.

Below are some of the top reasons why businesses are looking to switch to a new environment:

  • Your facilities are old
  • Your employees are unhappy
  • Your contract doesn’t allow remodelling
  • Your employees no longer fit
  • You are expanding

Office moving can range from internal moves, which involve relocating within the same building, to large-scale transfers such as relocation to a different area. The latter often requires extensive planning but particularly, professional manpower, proper equipment, and transportation vehicles—all of which a professional office mover can provide.

How to Ready Your Office for Moving

While the idea of moving your business to a new location is exciting, what you should be focusing on first is the problem at hand: packing and preparing for the move. Discover some hacks to make the move fast and seamless.

Let Go of the Unnecessary

Will your couch have a place for the new office? Do you really have to take with you the cabinet that hasn’t been used for a year? Office moving can be a good opportunity to let go of the unnecessary items you have accumulated in the past.


Get rid of the office clutter that will no longer have use in the new address—broken furniture, old equipment, and décor that will not fit its interior design. Discard those that are broken; sell or donate those that others may find useful.

Create an Inventory List

While sorting through your office items, make an inventory of what you want to take with you. List all the company assets, furniture, fixtures, and miscellaneous items that you will find useful in your new address. Make sure to keep a hard copy for records.


By doing so, it will be more convenient for you to pack related items together in a box and label them for easier retrieval. It can also help you stay organised but more importantly, make it easier for you to unpack when you rearrange them in the new office.

Hire a Professional Office Mover

Because time is of the essence, you have to make sure that the relocation process will be executed successfully and without minimal disruption to your business operations.


An office mover can help you plan, prepare, and execute your move to a new local. They also come equipped with the proper tools and equipment to protect your office furniture and property during the move.

As a professional office mover in Singapore, Yi Yun Movers & Logistics specialises in providing customised moving and relocation services to guarantee a successful relocation but without causing too much disruption to your business.

How it Works

Whether you are relocating into a new home or a new office, Yi Yun Movers is prepared with convenient moving services that take the hassle out of moving for you. Our licensed and trained moving specialists, along with our insurance contracts, can give you the peace of mind that your most valued possessions will arrive in their destination, safe and complete.


All you have to do is pack anything that fits into the boxes we will provide and leave the rest to us! On your moving day, our moving specialists will come over, wrap all your boxes, furniture, appliances and other large items in a protective wrapping—antiques, a pool table, piano, etc. We’ll also take care of all the lifting and moving required.

Let us help you with your upcoming move. Here’s how easy it works:
Step 01
Contact us

Get in touch with our professional office movers to schedule a site survey.

Step 02
Site Survey

We will evaluate the scale of work to give you an accurate and transparent quote.

Step 03

We will provide you with the packing materials after the booking is confirmed.

Step 04

One of the highlights of the process, we will then relocate your items to your new address.

Step 05

As a value-added service, we will help unload and place the items where you want them to be.

Step 06

Enjoy your new address and don’t forget to leave our moving services a review online!

The Cost of a Moving Service

While the idea of moving your business to a new location is exciting, what you should be focusing on first is the problem at hand: packing and preparing for the move. Discover some hacks to make the move fast and seamless.

Moving and relocating doesn’t come cheap. As earlier said, the cost is largely dependent on the size of the move and often, the destination. While moving services in Singapore have no fixed rate card, charges will often include the following services:

  • Packing Materials
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Transportation
  • Dismantling & Assembling
  • Disposal
  • Insurance Coverage; and
  • Applicable Taxes

In addition to that, some moving companies in Singapore may also charge you for the following situations:

  • If the movers had to take an alternate route due to unavoidable circumstances
  • If they need to use more movers to assist with the move or handling of furniture
  • If the furniture is too complex, taking too much time to dismantle and reassemble
  • If the move involves extra labour such as using the staircase several times.
  • The use of chargeable packing materials—bubble wraps, newspapers, corrugated paper, etc.

Get Moving with Yi Yun Movers

Free Onsite Assessment

We provide a non-obligatory onsite survey of your home to give you professional advice on your moving/storage requirements.

Accurate and Transparent Quotation

Our friendly moving professionals will give you a quotation with a detailed breakdown of the costs. No hidden costs or charges.

Fast Confirmation of Move

Upon confirmation of booking, we will send you carton boxes and OPP tape so you can start packing. See you on your moving day!

It’s your moving day!

Yi Yun Movers are always ready and willing to accommodate your moving requirements.

Our Rates

Yi Yun Movers & Logistics offers AFFORDABLE and TRANSPARENT moving rates in Singapore.

Upfront and Fair Pricing Policy—No Upselling, No Hidden Charges


Our moving service rates are charged on a per 15ft. lorry load basis. It means if you can fit all your belongings into the back of one 15ft. lorry, all you have to pay for is one load!

We provide a free, non-obligatory survey, conducted by our team of expert moving consultants, prior to moving. This is to guarantee our quotations are clear, accurate and transparent.


Door to Door Household Relocation


Lorry Load

Offices, Factories, Shops, Warehouses


Lorry Load
Warehouse Storage

Temporary Storing of Furniture & Goods


Lorry Load
Item Delivery

Individual Item Relocation

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Lorry Load

All Our Moving Plans Always Include:

Free Onsite Quotation
Provision of 30 Carton Boxes/Load
Covered 15ft. Lorry
4 - 5 Manpower
Protective Wrapping of Bulky Items
Payment Upon Job Completion

Why Yi Yun Movers?

Professional Moving Crew

Our moving specialists boast years of training and working experience to deliver quality services to our clients. We place a strong emphasis on their skills and character traits such as integrity, efficiency, and trustworthiness.

Comprehensive Moving Fleet

Under our belt is a large fleet of moving vehicles to cater to all types of moving requirements. Our vehicles range from 10 ft. van to a 15 ft. covered truck with tail-gate. Whether it’s a large-scale office or residential moving, we got you covered.

Proper Tools & Equipment

On top of that, we also own a complete set of tools and moving equipment as well as quality protective materials to ensure the safety of your belongings while under our care. We also provide complimentary carton boxes prior to your move.

Storage Facilities

We also take pride in having our own storage space facilities in Singapore to offer you secure and affordable storage at affordable rates. Our storage solutions are customisable to match whatever your storage requirements are.

Other Services

Aside from professional moving services, we also offer safe, secure, and affordable storage solutions that can be customised according to your specific requirements.

  • Secure Storage Space
  • Clean & Well-Maintained
  • Flexible Storage terms
  • Inexpensive Storage Rates
Storage & Disposal

We also offer disposal services to get rid of unwanted items that could otherwise be taking up space in your home and/or office. Our disposal solutions include the packing and moving of items to be disposed of out of your property.

Other Moving Services

On top of that, we also offer other moving services so you don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying your new place.

Our additional moving services include the following:

Packing & Unpacking Services

We understand that it’s not only the moving itself that’s overwhelming but what’s involved before and after the process as well. Therefore, we will handle the packing and unpacking of items you have to move, so you don’t have to.


Our expert movers will pack your items using the necessary protective materials so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged while in transit—newspapers, bubble wraps, foam peanuts etc.

Dismantling & Assembly Services

In most cases, dismantling bulky furniture, home appliances, and other equipment may be necessary to fit them into lifts and doors.


Having handled almost every type of dismantling and assembly job possible, you can be confident that our team of professional movers are capable of doing the job in the safest and efficient manner as you require.

Piano, Safe Box & Special Item Moving Services

For moving jobs that involve excessively heavy or extremely fragile items, Yi Yun Movers has also got you covered. This can be anything in between pianos and safe boxes, which aside from being heavy are prone to damage as well.


Our professional moving team are adept to moving and handling such bulky and costly items, so you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are in safe hands.

Choose to move with Yi Yun Movers

Are you moving into a new home or office?

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