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Company Vision

To be the trusted choice of quality service provider for any person, household or company requiring efficient moving and logistics services.

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Mission Statement

To provide customers with a wide range of professional moving and storage solutions so as to make every move an easy and enjoyable experience. Always, all ways.

Benefits of Hiring Office & Home Movers


Professional home and office movers are trained rigorously to ensure proper handling of your belongings throughout the relocation process. You can count on them to come equipped with the right tools and equipment to get the job done.


A case in point, there are times when furniture items have to be disassembled for the long haul and a reliable moving company has the right tools to do it safely and secure them while in transit—dollies, hoists, cables, harnesses, etc.

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A typical problem people encounter when moving long distances is that items can get lost, broken, damaged, or misplaced while in transit. Professional movers will not only guarantee your possessions will arrive in their destination but safely and in good condition as well.


But, more than that, they will also provide a certain level of liability insurance, which will cover any sort of damage that can occur. Therefore, if you’re moving antiques, expensive artworks, pianos, or any other heavy, fragile items, it’s always better to hire a reliable house mover.


Moving everything by yourself may seem practical, but doing so can be physically exhausting, not to mention stressful. If you’re not careful, carrying heavy objects can get you injured and that’s probably the last thing you want to deal with when moving.


Hire a home mover and save yourself the trouble of getting yourself or a family member injured in the process. These professionals know what they’re doing and more than you probably do, they know how to move heavy items safely and without the risk of injury.

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Without the proper tools and equipment, moving your furniture into your new address can take weeks, if not months. You will have to buy boxes, pack your stuff, and label each one for easier removal. Add it to the time it will take to load them in the truck or your car if you hadn’t rented one.


You see, a big move is not a one day job. But, it can be faster if you book a moving service. It can save you from multiple trips,thus saving you money, time, and energy to get your move done in the most time-efficient manner.


You don’t always realise how much space your clothes, personal items, appliances, and furniture can take. If you get moving on your own, it’s more likely that you’ll have to make multiple trips to get all your stuff into your new address, which more than being time-consuming, can be expensive as well.


Hiring a professional mover can guarantee that you have everything all packed up in a truck, saving you from the back and forth travel. You can also find a cheap moving company in Singapore to further the cost-saving potential of a professional move.

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Value-Added Services

Free onsite assessment, accurate and transparent quotation, and fast confirmation of booking. Enjoy these value-added services when you hire a professional mover in Singapore.


More than professional assistance, you get a team of professional movers who are friendly, courteous, and willing to assist you throughout the moving process. They will not only carry your heavy items in and out of the truck but will also help you assemble the furniture if need be. As a customer, you get the peace of mind you deserve when relocating.

With Yi Yun, everyone can enjoy professional moving services in Singapore at affordable rates.

Back in our humble beginnings, our small startup team had witnessed the need for cheap movers. Logistics and moving services are crucial in the economy but there are only a few companies offering the service that people can afford.


Yi Yun Movers is the brainchild of the (behind the scenes) Director, after experiencing several frustrating experiences from moving services that were costly and inefficient. He discovered that despite Singapore’s saturated moving and storage industry, there is currently something essential lacking in the local moving scene: A storage and movers company that offers professional services priced at affordable rates with zero compromises on service quality and industry standards.


Although joining the already tight competition in the moving and logistics industry had been at first, as difficult as pushing your way through a concert crowd, Yi Yun Movers made it through perseverance and a wide understanding of the demands set by the industry. We are gradually being recognized as a movers company that offers cheap movers services for both commercial and residential schemes.


In 2018, Yi Yun Movers was born – and here we are, ready to take on the role as your preferred storage and movers company in Singapore with this promise to you of providing excellent service with professional skills and at a reasonable price.

Moving can be so easy - let us show you how.

From a three-man team and a van back when we were still a budding moving service team, Yi Yun Movers quickly expanded to meet the needs of their rapidly growing base of satisfied clients. Today, we are a proud and happy moving service company that boasts a small fleet of lorries, a van (yes, that same van that shared our hardship and history), our own warehouses, and an amazing team of people working hard together to ensure you receive the enjoyable and hassle-free moving experience everyone deserves. What started out as a small team dedicated to delivering cheap movers services islandwide is now ready to serve every family and office in their moving out and moving in.

Yi Yun Movers: The Moving Service Company That Cares

Success through perseverance and an unyielding dedication

Yi Yun Movers is the living proof that nothing is impossible when you set your mind and heart to it. We started in Singapore with a small cheap movers team and a van, along with the dream of providing the people with the best services they can expect from a movers company for an affordable price. In less than a decade, we managed to make our moving company grow with lots of improvement from our humble beginnings. However, despite all the success, improvements, and investments we have mustered in Yi Yun Movers, our rates remain affordable for every Singaporean family, business owner, and company.


We are looking forward to providing you with affordable moving services islandwide. Contact us today and let us help you!

Our Storage and Moving Services

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Residential Moving Service in Singapore

Moving to another part of the country? That can be both exciting and exhausting with all the moving works. Don’t worry, we got your back! We can guarantee that our house moving service in Singapore will make your house moving experience secure, smooth, efficient and worthwhile.

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Commercial Moving Service in Singapore

Office moving within the same building or in a different location can be a tough job. It can hinder your business operations and take some time to finish, not to mention that there’s a chance that your equipment and office supplies can be mishandled. Get our professional moving services now!

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Storage and Disposal

We offer flexible storage solutions at affordable rates to individuals or businesses requiring a secure facility to store their belongings or goods for their desired length of time. We also provide disposal services whereby we transport unwanted or spoilt furniture, machinery and other items on behalf of customers to the incineration plant for disposal.

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Storage Service in Singapore

Aside from our cheap movers’ services, we also offer affordable but quality storage service. Yi Yun Movers have its own storage warehouse with complete security facilities and is fit for storing important items.We take care of your parcels so you can be rest assured that they are in good hands.

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It’s your move – we’re always ready and happy to accommodate your moving requirements and requests.

For enquiries or more information about our moving services, please place an enquiry at our contact us page or
better yet, call or drop us a text at 94466888 / 94466999!

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